No…not the name of some middle-eastern special agent….rather it is what I decided to grow to entertain myself while on vacation. Taking a line from David Zabriskie and Steve Cozza I decided to grow the latest in cycling accessories. Zabriskie – Who every American man wishes he was. Cozza on Right with Dr. Lim on

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So I went on a bike ride and a shooting broke out. I was riding today and got to a 1/2 way point and had to dodge all of the police and ambulances heading back towards the direction I came from. On the way back the road was closed and there was a helicopter taking off in the middle of the bike path. Locals I guess.

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1st Day Riding

Got a late start but still ended up getting a bit of mileage. I learned a few things – Primarily I can sweat a lot, and while the wind down here isn’t that bad, the wind combined with the terrain, or lack there of, is just mind numbing. I rode 18 miles at the start

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I’m high…

…on high fructose corn syrup. We finally arrived. The beach. I got everything unloaded and started trying to find my inner Zen. I’d need it. This trip is one where I’ll be surrounded by legions of in-laws. They’re all great people, but they have the tendency to ….. Anyway. I started to feel my inner

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Group Ride

Last night’s ride was great. I was feeling the awesome. We actually rolled out kind of slow – lots of new people on the ride. I held back to keep an eye on voldemort (from Bike Forums). It was his first time out on this ride and while he knows the area he was not

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Awesome as a noun.

Ever since Speedy McAwesome ( made his debut on Bike Forums our small tribe of riders that is BFNIC has resorted to using the word awesome as a noun. Now you can tell I am not a student of English, but I think I know enough to feel the need to ponder why an adjective

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