The Hunting is over…

I found the awesome today.

I started out on a ride just as little psimet went down for a nap. I had checked the weather a couple of times throughout the day, but didn’t see anything too out of line compared to yeaterday.

I saw my chance and got on. I figured it would be a nice out and back. 2 hrs and done. I brought the big bottles with Gatorade thinking that it would be hot again.

The first leg was kind of hot, but more importantly I noticed that the wind wasn’t completely at my back. When I got to the turn around I noticed that the skys were darkening. Looked like I was going to get wet.

Thing about rain here is that it’s like a high school football player. Hard and fast, but just can’t last. Sure enough it opened up on me. It started cool. Total downpour. Drenched in seconds. I got to a pull off place and went in for someomore water (seriously). The skys cleared up when I went in.

When I got going again it took about a mile before it decided to open up again. I had about 17 miles left. It did not stop for the rest of the journey. I have never been so wet. I have never ridden through standing water that deep. I have never cursed the sky like I did.

At one point I guess there were tornado warnings and Mrs. Psimet sent another member of the family to pick me up. He honked and pulled over when he saw me. I asked him if it was worse towards the house. He said no…

…I figured I was already wet and it was either ride or sit around a house full of kids who couldn’t go outside because of rain. I chose to keep riding.

It instantly got worse. I was riding better than ever. It was like the priest golf scene out of caddyshack. Complete with cursing the sky because of a particularly bad section.

I got back and instantly said, “that was the best f’n ride I have EVER been on!”

Dinner was better.

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