I’m high…

…on high fructose corn syrup.

We finally arrived. The beach.

I got everything unloaded and started trying to find my inner Zen. I’d need it.

This trip is one where I’ll be surrounded by legions of in-laws. They’re all great people, but they have the tendency to …..

Anyway. I started to feel my inner tension rise and decided maybe it would be a good time to head out on a ride before the rest of the crew got here. They were coming in on the ferry. I decided to ride out and meet them.

The wind was blowing pretty hard and you could tell a storm was coming this way. Even with the wind this is no Chicago. This is painfully flat. Disgustingly flat and the wind was like a Chicago mid-summer breeze.

The gearing was interesting because I swapped to a new cassette (unused 12-23). I figured it wasn’t like I was going to need anything deep. I was sporting last year’s CSC jersey. I received it as a gift. One of the actual Euro releases from the CSC company store. The driver I was riding out to see got it for me last year for Christmas. He either works for CSC or was consulting for them or something…..didn’t ask.

The jersey was a size 4 Euro and it actually fits right now. Tight in the arms and a little snug around the spare tire, but definitly wearable in public without a second guess. I made it to the ferry and saw them land. Turned around and made my way back. Wasn’t feeling super spunky after a few days in the car and lots of road food, but I still managed to get out a very respectable speed.

GOt back and began to find the zen in a bottle of beer and cheetos. I don’t eat junk food anymore but my mother in law is the junk food queen. The place is littered with the stuff. I just can’t avoid it all so I guess I’ll have to ride harder and faster each day.

High fructose corn syrup is the devil.

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