Awesome as a noun.

Ever since Speedy McAwesome ( made his debut on Bike Forums our small tribe of riders that is BFNIC has resorted to using the word awesome as a noun. Now you can tell I am not a student of English, but I think I know enough to feel the need to ponder why an adjective becomes so funny when you simply turn it into a noun.


  • I am feeling the awesome today.
  • The awesome has left me.
  • How much is that awesome you bought? It must have been on sale.

Probably the worst is when it is used in conjunction with an adjective approximateing it original meaning:

  • That was some amazing awesome you dished out.

Also why is it that we insist on using some sort of forceful verb (English majors will have some fancy name for it I’m sure. They dreamt it up while waiting for the fries to finish cooking) in conjunction with it?

We’re always bringing, dropping, dishing out, releasing, basking in, or otherwise embracing the awesome.

My new favorite is the one I coined in a previous post (too lazy to link) – Hunting the awesome.

I now strive everyday to wake up wanting to hunt the awesome.

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