Southern Discomfort

As I type this I am sitting in a hotel room in Alabama. I am on my way to the Redneck Riviera otherwise known as Gulf Shores, AL.

I have a week at a beach house on the Gulf in front of me. Sun, sand, shrimp and beer….and the entire extended inlaw family. This year because of airline tickets we decided that it would be much cheaper to drive than to fly. This is even with the high gas prices.

Speaking of gas prices my last fillup was $3.89/gal. I saw as low as $3.49, but it was in the rearview mirror at the time.

Driving allowed us to set our own schedule, spend time together as our own family, see more of the country, bring more than we normally would have (or ever need). Driving also let me bring my bike.

I have been pondering rides along the shore. I have a few route in the 40-50 mile range. I plan on getting 40-50 miles in every day if possible with 1 rest day worked in (there is a gulf fishing trip already planned I believe which I must attend). I also plan on working in a century if possible.

Right now I am considering riding around the entire Mobile bay. I can catch the ferry off Fort Morgan to Dauphin island and then take the roads around. I saw one route on MapMyRides which alluded to doing this. Problem is I don’t know if the roads referenced are ridable by bicycle, major highways, or routed through areas that would make Deliverance look like a Disney movie.

…which brings me to my next point….I don’t really like the South. OK, I’m being nice I actually hate the South. [Generalizations] Everyone seems to be so laid back that they just appear downright lazy. Luch took over an hour for Pete’s sake and most of that time was spent wiaitng for refills. No one can spell. I can’t spell, but at least if I am making a sign for a business I would use spell check and/or have someone proof read it.[/Generalizations]

I get to ride….

Also I get to take little psimet crabbing on the beach. He’ll LOVE IT! Of that I am sure.

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