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What the flu?

So…Mrs. P is sick and odds are she has some form of the flu. Had to happen. She’s a nurse and all that swine flu panic had her seeing a ton of patients daily. Now she has a fever and feels like “poop” – her words. Little P is in and out of a fever […]

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BH Ride Report

Great ride. Lots of people showed up. We had close to 30 or so. I thought it would be bigger, but a lot of the guys who usually meet up with us out by the golf course weren’t there. As we were climbing in one section early and heard the unmistakable sound of cleats hitting

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BH Ride tonight

I am getting psyched for the BH ride tonight. Just about everyone is planning on showing. The weather is good. This could be crazy. Still debating whether or not to do the “rip your legs off total Cat 1/2 full on race world championships” or to split off and do a 4/5 “development” ride. Probably

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7 Cylinders

I’m firing on 7-cylinders. More than the 6 banger from last year, but not yet full power. Did the Penny Rd Pub ride tonight. Barrington area ride I did all last year. Wind sucked. Dan, colorchange and myself headed out. Dan put the hurt on quick. I popped a couple of times – feeling the

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I have been postponing my Psimet Invitational ride report. Don’t know why. Just tired I guess. It seems like a monumental task. I know it doesn’t have to be, but just doesn’t seem right if I don’t do it up right. So…it’s coming… Right now just trying to enjoy the winding down of the road

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That was one spicy ride this morning. It took a while to get over the facts that I didn’t get to bed until 1:30-2:00am …because I was working on the long overdue wheels de aham. 5:00 came awful quick. It was a ride with colorchange’s club. He was there as well as aham (really just

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Holiday Weekend

So far it’s been OK. I was able to lace 95% of aham’s wheel. It’s official….I HATE paired spoke drillings. Oh…did I mention I have like 3 or 4 more sets coming through a group buy direct from Taiwan. 🙁 Went on the Village Pedaler ride yesterday. Typically this has been a group ride for

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