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Why should I buy PSIMET wheels? The PSIMET Advantage

We still build every single wheel by hand using the same builders, techniques, standards, and materials that have earned us our reputation for phenomenal durability and performance builds.

We aren’t a company of factory workers that were started by 1 person who liked to ride bikes. We are completely and totally made up of individuals who not only ride but compete in the disciplines we specialize in. We build for ourselves, family, and our friends. That care, knowledge and experience is what you get to directly benefit from when buying a PSIMET wheelset.

When you buy from PSIMET you are directly supporting domestic racing from the grassroots level all the way to the pros. We are one of the few real wheel companies of this size that is this actively involved in the sport at all levels. We are the ones at the races every single weekend throughout the seasons. As such we have so much more of an understanding of the actual needs of the application than just about anyone else in the business – large or small. Buying from PSIMET means buying local and investing in the sport.

How do I buy PSIMET wheels?

The products available to build superior wheelsets with is changing on a daily basis. We try as hard as we can to place the most popular items into wheel specifications that are either directly available for purchase on our site as items or as configurable builds that you can put directly into a cart and buy. Browse the site and see what it has to offer. That doesn’t mean that is all we can build or all we can build with. We ar truly builders first and foremost meaning if it exists we can probably build with it. If you don’t see something you want or  want more information about a possible build then request a quote.

Contacting PSIMET

At any time you can skip the process of browsing online. Maybe you have questions that aren’t answered. Maybe you have an application that isn’t “off the shelf” – that’s where our custom quoting and configuration comes in. The first step is to send me an email. Include whatever information you would like to. The most useful information would be to know what use the wheels will see, what type of bike they will be for, what the riders weight is, where you rate aerodynamics, weight, strength and durability with respect to each other, approximate budget, etc.

Your request will be reviewed by myself or by our builder Leah. We both review the inquiries daily through the week. We don’t typically answer them on the weekends (we are at races) or late at night so you’ll have to cut us some 9-6 patience in a 24×7 world. What you get in return though is a personal consultation.

If you’re not an email or web kind of person – no problem. Give us a call. The number is 847*428*2600. We are located in a Chicago, IL suburb and operate on US Central time.

Once you decide you want to purchase a wheelset you can simply place it in your cart and purchase it if it is one of the configurations we offer directl or if it’s a configuration we have been working on then let me know the email address you want to receive the PayPal invoice at and confirm the final build specifications.

Paying for your custom wheels from PSIMET.com

Paypal – Upon confirmation of intent, I will send a Paypal invoice. Payments can be made through Paypal without having to have a Paypal account.

Why Paypal? Because they are easy to use, have an established reputation, their fees allow me to keep costs down, and they offer buyer and seller protection. They also often offer financing.

Check or Money Order – You will always have the option of paying with check, money order, etc. Simply print out the invoice and mail it with the check. Your build will commence once the check clears.

How long will it take to get my wheels?

Because we aren’t making cookie cutter builds with no variation that are supposed to somehow work for everyone our build times can vary. While it’s often not possible to hold on to inventory of every possible build we do like to keep our build queue in the 2-3 week range but if that’s too long for you – don’t count us out…

If you have a specific event you would like to get your wheels in time for then let us know your target date. Odds are we can hit it. If it’s super quick and the parts are super custom then we do offer an expedite fee to help get everything in time. It simply goes to pay for the supplier’s expedite charges. At the end of the day our goal is to get you the highest quality set of wheels and build you can get – in the time-frame you truly need them in. We can sometimes perform amazing feats in little time but in general we ask that you communicate with us

How do I know what to order?

Spokes, lacing patterns, nipple material hubs, rims, and bears oh, my. There are a lot of differences that have taken up a lot of internet space being discussed. I cant do the discussions justice by putting them into a quick FAQ page, so ask me and I will answer with your specific needs in mind. I welcome all questions and will always anser them to the best of my ability. Simply ask via the quote form or by calling us.

Do my custom wheels from PSIMET come with a warranty?

While I think we can all agree with the intent of offering a warranty in application it becomes difficult for a couple of basic reasons:

Economics: In order to fix a wheel with a warranty issue you have to pay to ship it back. Then I have to pay to ship it back to you. In the end you could have gotten it serviced at a local bike shop for about the same cost of shipping or less, maybe had it quicker, and helped to support a local shop at the same time. This is why it is important to me to use commonly replaceable and serviceable components, which I do. That said I feel the need to make it clear that the vast majority of bike shops in the US do not have adequate understanding of how wheels are truly build and maintained properly. They might be able to get you out of a short term bind but I am reminded from time to time that most just don’t know what they are doing even though they think they do. When in doubt – you have to get it into my hands. I can at least start the process of working with you to derive a solution we can both work with. Many wheel brands simply want to see a receipt and tell you to pound sand if it’s been over a year.

Conditions: Wheels can be frequently subjected to conditions that they just simply were never intended to be used under. These conditions can be adverse enough to cause damage in unforeseeable ways.

With that in mind I strive to achieve the best build I possibly can on every wheel set I build. It does me and my business no good if I send you a wheel that just doesn’t perform as well or better than other wheels in the same conditions.

I will honor manufacturers warranties whenever possible and I am always willing to look at repairing any wheel that may have an issue. If repairs or replacements are needed I will strive to provide those repairs and parts at the best cost possible.

Feel free to contact me regarding any questions or issues you many have.


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