Group Ride

Last night’s ride was great. I was feeling the awesome.

We actually rolled out kind of slow – lots of new people on the ride. I held back to keep an eye on voldemort (from Bike Forums). It was his first time out on this ride and while he knows the area he was not sure of the specific route. I didn’t want to ditch him.

neitsmas held back with me as well. After making it to spring whatever it is it was apparant that the group was on and we were going to be off. Part of me wanted to just hammer back to the group – I was feeling good – but really I thought taking it a little easier with voldemort would be more fun.

neitsmas was in for either. he was feeling the awesome as well. I was climbing like a fool. Better than I have climbed all year. We had lost enough ground on the group that I suggested we cut and do Braeburn backwards. The effect is that it’s like taking out the 2 mile section of river rd before the turn on to Braeburn.

When I do this I usually have enough time to get to the bottom, turn around, relax for a bit, drink, etc….and just about the time I start to get a little antsy they come around the bend. Worked again last night like clockwork. I was able to turn around and get a rythum on the hill.

First alien went past with a new alien on his wheel. Then there wasn’t much. I was holding my own. Then finally the next alien went past with neitsmas. About that time I started to hear panting. As the rider came by I saw the bike forums jersey…it was CyLowe.

I thought…heck I can even catch his wheel at this point…so I did. Felt good. I usually don’t try to push myself on Braeburn. I just spin to the top. Pretty soon we were passing the alien. I thought to myself as we passed….”oh he’s not going to let me pass him on a hill”

Sure enough I heard him motor on past in short order. At that point I figured I should cut off a bit – we were near the top and I didn’t know what was in the tanks and wanted to hold on for the rocket train back to the pub.

The train did not fail to impress. The couple of times I could look down and concentrate enough to actually read my computer it was north of 25-30 mph. I am starting to know the route and knew where they were going to turn it on, etc. so I was pretty much able to match every acceleration. Then just before 68 there was a little roller (28mph uphill) then they turned it on over the top.

I was expecting a little bit of gas, but I was really impressed. I had to dig deep into my suitcase of awesome to hold the wheel in front of me. That’s when I literally got momentary tunnel vision and started seeing little specs/polka dots. I took it as a sign and knew I was roasted. I pulled out of line before I let a gap develop. As I looked down I was coasting and dropping back to 30.

I got enough recovery time that I caught up at 68 and held on to the end. neitsmas took a killer pull and came off the front like a rock. I swear I heard that cartoon bullet ricochet sound as he went by. The train was moving like a fish through water – I was on the fish’s tail as it flapped around in an attempt to swin faster.

Back in the parking lot is when you feel the rush hit you. Gotta be like a runner’s high. My hands seem to always be trembling after that. Not nerves or anything, but like the low blood sugar shakes I get sometimes when I bonk on or off the bike.

Guess I needed to replenish some carbs. Luckily there was a pub nearby.

On the police side of things we did in fact see quite a few out there in force. They even had a speed limit radar station thingy set up. Don’t know how well those things work with bikes, but it said 25 was the speed limit and it was reading a shaky 28 for us. Must have been broken. They did not give us a citation so we must have been OK. 😉

In all we followed all the laws and I actually had fun coming to a stop at every sign. It really helped keep the group together for the majority of the ride.

Voldemort….GREAT JOB! You held on longer and rode faster than my first time out with this group for sure. In a few weeks you’ll be the one with a beer in your hand by the time I get back to the car.

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