Good lighting

PSIMET had the largest month we have ever had this last August. ?It’s a sign of things to come as well. ?Net result is a pile of builds. ?The turnaround is better than ever, but it’s easy to let go of the forest concept when tagging trees all day. So a recent customer came to

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White Industries T11

Timing has never been my strong suit. ?Just ask Mrs. P. ?I don’t have a “real” job, am making a run at the “wheel thing” full time, and she’s about 5 months pregnant. I never said I was a smart man either. Passionate – yes. Anyway, I shouldn’t have been surprised when I sunk 1/2

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Thanks. No, really…thank you. How do you say thanks? ?Do you say thank you enough? ?Probably not. ?None of us really do. Growing up I used to find that when I did say thank you I said it out of upbringing, or taught behavior. ?When I started getting to the age of 12-13 I started

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Team Announcement

Rain is coming down and all anyone can think about is why it isn?t snow.? It?s that time of year again.? Cross is drawing to a close, and trainers and computrainers are having the dust knocked off of them.? I have a hard time calling any time of the year a real ?off season? anymore,

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