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PSIMET had the largest month we have ever had this last August. ?It’s a sign of things to come as well. ?Net result is a pile of builds. ?The turnaround is better than ever, but it’s easy to let go of the forest concept when tagging trees all day.

So a recent customer came to me through Lucky Brake?Bicycles, one of my official PSIMET Wheel Dealers. ?He introduced himself and?essentially?while coming up with the spec for his wheels he let me know that he was a professional videographer . ?I have worked with a lot of great photographers before (Liz at Tipping Point Photography?as an example, or even Wilke at Peloton Pix, Or Josh Dreyfus, Elizabeth Rangle, and Ali Engin) and some have even offered to do videos of the process here at PSIMET. ?This is most likely why I was a little reluctant when Robert Cawthorne (Link) offered to come over and film when I got to building his wheels.

Let’s face it, I don’t have the nicest looking or best laid out shop – something that my days in lean manufacturing make me feel compelled to have. ?Not to mention there’s not a lot of information that I feel like sharing with my competitors. ?After a few assurances that he could work around all of that I figured, “what the heck.”

So when it came time to build his set I gave him a call. ?In came the lights and equipment. ?The lights were actually really nice. ?No complaints from me when he asked if I could turn off my regular lights and just operate under his. ?Nice, clear, white and bright. ?I?preceded?with building and?decal-ling?his set of wheels. ?Afterwards he said he was going to interview me.

“WTF am I going to say?” I thought. ?This takes me back to all those times I have worked in industry and been on the spot to do the short quick story that tells the tale of the business – commonly referred to by working stiffs as the “Elevator?speech”.

Here’s your motivation: You’re stuck in an elevator with the big wig from company X and he is on the fence about whether to do big business with your company. ?You have only a couple of minutes – nay, 30 seconds – convince him why your company is tops! ?”ACTION!” ?Every time a?consultant?puked up this muck while I was working I simply locked up. ?It was always easy to do an “elevator speech” to an operator or a room full of operators, but blowing?unneeded?smoke up an executive’s ass was never really my style. ?Maybe I was just never really “selling” the right company or product at those times.

Well – guess I have to do an interview.

If any of you have read the interview they did in CX Magazine last year, or ever really got me going on something I WANT to talk about…..hold on to your seats and pull up a pillow and blanket – this could take a while and I’m going to ramble. ?Too much? ?Not Enough? ?Too much self?deprecating?humor – are they going to ‘get’ it? ?Did I just heckle myself? ?Here we go I guess….

I don’t even remember the questions Robert asked. ?I do remember he didn’t ask too many. ?Maybe 2 or 3. ?I ran through 18 minutes of recording time. ?It dawned on me: ?I can talk about PSIMET. ?It’s the right product – it’s the right time. ?I don’t “sell” PSIMET….I tell people about it and people seem to get it. ?Granted I would rather give a “bike ride speech” rather than an elevator speech any day, but I find it’s actually easy to talk about something that really does have value. ?At least I think it does.

So this morning a couple of pictures from yesterday pop up. ?Next thing I know I see a link to the video. ?Wow.?Link to video on Vimeo

“You made me sound almost intelligent.”

“I had no idea what it was going to be until I watched the footage last night, you’re very passionate about what you do and I think we captured some of that” – Robert Cawthorne

Awesome. ?I am speechless…..well – except for this blog post. ?I truly can appreciate what another professional with a good eye, talent, the right equipment can do.

Thanks again Robert and if anyone has any video needs – especially if you’re getting married – check out his site:

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