Sausage Cross 1

Submitted for your approval – Summary of Sausage Cross Participants for Hopkins Park:   Robert Curtis (PSIMET – Me): Heckled but had poor heckling form. ?Got my tent set up at the flyover and I think I had the closest tent to the flyover. ?Fired up a new skinsuit. ?Holy crap that’s not fun. ?Started

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Sausage Suit

Once again the ever increasing levels of business at PSIMET have left me woefully under-trained and poorly prepared for the impending 2011-2012 Cyclo-cross season. ?I have celebrated this in the same manner as I have in previous years by “racing” with “flare” as witnessed by my cookie performance at Sunday’s Relay Cross: Cookie Cross  

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I find it strangely appropriate. The race at Evanston usually contains a lot of discussion about the “BK Stacker” – which seems to also describe my form at this time of the season. I’d like to say, “I don’t know what it is or why this happens” but I always do. It’s that strange time

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Making Tools Useful

Been thinking a lot about the last blog post and thought I would follow up a bit. ?So Ryan comes over last Thursday night and I start looking over his rig. ?His chain is stretched out WAY far. ?Actually it is stretched more than any other chain I have ever seen. ?12 links measures 12-3/8″.

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It’s what I do

I love writing.? I actually really love writing my blog posts.? It?s kind of like writing in a private journal that you know a lot of people that are clued in will read and ?get?. The wheel business being what it is I never seem to have time to do anything anymore other than build

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Forward Looking

So, yeah. There has been a lot going on in the world of PSIMET. 3 core PSIMET teams, 1 Colorado team, 2 more local sponsored teams all with over 150 athletes?.who get team deals. Throw on top of that a great expansion in my organic sales base, stumbling on to some killer product, and the

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