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Karrie Ozyuk at Indian Lakes

I moved to Chicago-land for the second time back in 2004. ?Moving has always been a way of life for me ever since I was born. ?After getting married in 2001 Mrs. P and I moved 5 times in 3 years. ?Needless to say you kind of have to get used to establishing new routines.

Being the cycling techie/mechanic I have always been – when I got to Elgin I had to seek out new places to ride, new people to ride with, as well as my new favorite local shops. ?Somewhere along that journey I stumbled into Village Pedaler in South Elgin. ?Immediately I was greeted by a woman (an unfortunate rarity in the shop world) with full sleeves of tattoos, and a wicked passion for bikes. ?Karrie Ozyuk.

Over the years I joined in with her no-drop ride she ran on Saturdays. ?I worked with her on small projects and eventually started sourcing parts for wheel builds from her from time to time. ?When it came time for PSIMET, LLC to start renting space from a local shop – Karrie is one of the first people I called. ?At the time she was the shop manager, but during that meeting she let me know that she had plans to purchase the store and take all this on her own.

With the help of a great team behind her Karrie was able to make that dream of ownership come true by buying out the Crystal Lake store and beginning her adventure as the newly named “Lucky Brake Bicycles“. ?From here Karrie has been a team member of PSIMET Racing, Provided sponsorship and support of the races we have put on, and been our go-to place for our race preferred Giant and Specialized equipment.

Karrie also became the first, and until recently the only, PSIMET Wheels Dealer.

Karrie, Dan and I at Cross Vegas 2011

I don’t know if it’s the fact that we are the same age and both fairly new to the small business owner gig, both have a passion for bikes, or what, but I have come to regard Karrie not only as a great friend in the industry, but a peer and confidant at the highest level.

Imagine how stoked I was to see that Robert Cawthorne had turned out a great film profiling Karrie and her team at Lucky Brake!

Lucky Brake Bicycle Video

Thanks again Karrie for everything! ?Now….everyone reading – go to Crystal Lake and visit Lucky Brake!


Karrie and I at the Sinclair Party in Vegas 2011. Yes, Mrs P was the one taking the picture.
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