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Rain is coming down and all anyone can think about is why it isn?t snow.? It?s that time of year again.? Cross is drawing to a close, and trainers and computrainers are having the dust knocked off of them.? I have a hard time calling any time of the year a real ?off season? anymore, but if I was to I would say we are about to head into it.

Being inside more, and having less light during the day seems to bring out a bit of strange behavior among bike nerds and roadies.? Some switch to important things like their jobs and families.? Almost as though they are trying to apologize or make up for the long year of sacrifices made in the name of training and competition.? Some start debates on the internet.? Others indulge in the sweet guilty pleasure of designing and discussing plans for next season.

Personally I have always had a form of ADD.? Call it ?multi-tasking? if you like, but in general I find I have to be working on a very large number of projects all at the same time and I find I have to switch streams constantly.? It makes for great conversations as many on my team can attest to.? Simply come on over and plop your butt into a seat across from my truing stands, start prepping some spokes and you?ll find that the longer you are there the more you?ll learn about my ideas or plans.? Sometimes it?s almost like I am brainstorming out loud?.with an audience.? It is cathartic to have diarrhea of the mouth sometimes. What I truly love though is when I get the chance to make a great announcement about an idea or project I have been working on for a while.

This is one I am proud to announce.? There isn?t a long interesting background on this one.? There isn?t some long term plan for world domination either.? This was simply chance favoring the prepared mind.? The opportunities presented themselves and we ran with it.? The end result is nothing short of phenomenal.

I would like to announce the addition of the following racers to the PSIMET Racing family:

Jeannie Kuhajek


Leah Sanda


Katie Isermann


Kelli Richter


Kim Gialdini


Sue Semaszczuk

Combined – these racers produced 60 podium placings in the US alone during 2011. ?Jeannie has also won a myriad of events in New Zealand where she spends most of the year.

I am excited to see what the 2012 racing season will have in store for us.

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