White Industries T11

Timing has never been my strong suit. ?Just ask Mrs. P. ?I don’t have a “real” job, am making a run at the “wheel thing” full time, and she’s about 5 months pregnant.

I never said I was a smart man either.

Passionate – yes.

Anyway, I shouldn’t have been surprised when I sunk 1/2 a year and tons of goodwill with investors coming up with my 38W cross wheel project only to finally place the order for the hubs from White Industries and find out that I was “in between” timing wise. “Do you want to wait for the new one?”

“New one?” ?*internal voice-“PLEASE DON’T BE A BIG CHANGE”*

Turns out the queen of White Industries – Lynette was referring to a new freehub design to work with the new Shimano 11 spd setup. ?Once and for all answering my question I had been asking a ton of suppliers with no good response – the freehub IS different for 11. ?Not in spline arrangement, but for depth. ?Think….uh….Campy like. ?Millions of Shimanophiles just cringed. ?I promise I will go say 10 “Our Ultegra”s at the temple “Our lady of Dura Ace” for even saying the “c” word.

Deeper is better. ?Right? <TWSS> ?Yes. ?I am 9.

Some back and forth emails with Lynette and a phone call or two and I believe I have most of the story. ?Looks like the freehub was slightly altered.

The new T11 Shimano freehub (11spd) with spacer (8/9/10 spd) from White Industries on Left. The previous 8/9/10 Shimano H3 freehub on right.

As you can see the body is longer. ?They also milled the splines on their always beautiful Ti material….because…they can and you don’t need that material. ?This lowers the weight of the body. ?They have?accommodated?this longer driver utilizing the same shell dimensions by simply employing the same endcaps that they currently use on the H3 Campy axle. ?I know, I said the “c” word again. ?Apologies.

I “kind of” chose to wait. ?I have to wait on the rims so might as well nab the latest innovation on the hubs as well right? ?I was rewarded with being “the first kid on the block” to have the new T11. ?Enjoy:

Spline milling. They went on a diet. I think White Industries is trying to tell me something.
Here is the H3 version and the new T11 with the spacer installed. Exactly the same spacing for a Shimano 8/9/10 cassette
Now with the spacer removed - showing the room needed to make it "go to 11"
Weight of the T11 version


Weight of the H3


As you can see they were able to make this happen while not increasing the weight of the freehub driver at all. ?In fact I have been told that the shell will drop a small amount of weight possibly. ?While I still have H3 shells, I am eagerly awaiting the newest T11 shells. ?I have quite a few packages from White that are somewhere between Petaluma and Elgin…..maybe….just maybe.

Now go wipe the drool off your chin. ?You can get these if you buy my new 38W system. ?Still twice the value at half the price. Purchase it online in my store: ?Here. Did I mention that cyclocross season is here already?


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