The police await.

Today marks my return to the local Tuesday night “beat your head against the ground” lung burner we like to call a “group ride.” This one runs out of Penny Rd Pub in Barrington….because it can. This is where I show up, get kitted up, shoot the crap with a few guys, make jokes about […]

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The century we rode yesterday was a good one. We rode a bit faster than I had imagined we would. Not a record breaker, but faster than planned. It was kind of weird. Every time we mentioned something remotely superstitious in nature…karma would come around and bit us in the butt. Some comment on how

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Ride Picture Treasures

I wrote a long ride report over on Bike Forums about the Horribly Hilly Hundreds ride I did last weekend. While combing through other reports I noticed CyLowe’s pictures just don’t show up at work (blocked by the firewall) so I took it upon myself to proxy over and save copies of everything on my

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