The century we rode yesterday was a good one. We rode a bit faster than I had imagined we would. Not a record breaker, but faster than planned. It was kind of weird. Every time we mentioned something remotely superstitious in nature…karma would come around and bit us in the butt.

Some comment on how we seem to be avoiding the rain….and it opens up on us. Comments about how durable the wheels I build are….and the rain makes my rear start spoke pinging. Talking about how riders swarmed the free Hammer Endurolites at the HHH and I make a comment about how I never cramp….then proceed to cramp worse than I even have for the rest of the ride.

When Rowdy made his comments about what good luck he’s had with his tubulars I just cringed. Thankfully though that appeared to mark the end of our issues.

While riding CyLowe and I ended up talking about this post http://myshavedlegs.blogspot.com/2008/06/cycling-glossahttpwwwbloggercomimggllin.html

I thought I would add a picture of my cottage of wattage….

There’s wattage in that cottage for sure.

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