Beautiful Day to Not Ride


I got up at 5 to do the commute in to work. The Fox River Trail is what I use for the majority of the ride. The total commute is 50-ish miles round trip.

Well they decided to repave about 4 miles of the trail this year and decided to do so during the May 15-July 15 time period….right about the time gas prices started taking off.

The trail needs it. I just hate the fact that just about the entire affected area is along my commute. When I asked the Park Services about work arounds for the section they basically told me to go pound sand (in a nice way). They don’t want to be liable for re-routing people on dangerous routes.

When I got up I found I was dragging a bit. I slowly put on my gear and was heading down to get breakfast when I realized I just didn’t feel like playing I was Marco Polo this morning. Then it dawned on my that I could go change clothes, hang out with little psimet for a while, and then go to work and be early. Really early.

I chose the path of least resistance (get it?). Since I got to work everyone has come by saying 2 things: “Wow…you really are here this early.” and “It’s such a beautiful day. Why didn’t you ride?”

Looks like I’ll try to get home a little earlier to take lil psimet on a ride.


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