Ride Picture Treasures

I wrote a long ride report over on Bike Forums about the Horribly Hilly Hundreds ride I did last weekend. While combing through other reports I noticed CyLowe’s pictures just don’t show up at work (blocked by the firewall) so I took it upon myself to proxy over and save copies of everything on my local.
Some good shots of lots of stuff in there.
Blue Mounds – The Devil of Wisconsin – Approx 3 mile climb with some pretty high pitching grades.
Yours truly catching a break at the last rest stop. I like blue.

Pre-ride meal…not mine…and no that is not my Miller Lite….
This is as close as I got to this alien during our Cross Plaines ride. The Rasta tape made for cool looking con-trails.
The view from Starship Psimet

I lied….somewhere I was actually in front of this alien on a hill….I am sure a malfunctioning Alien navigational device played a role in my momentary “pull”.

The crew before Cross Plaines. If you can’t tell from the apparant studness…I am 3rd wheel from left. I also take up as much room as 3 of those skinny aliens on the right.

Hunting the awesome. aham.

“Muphff pfhts. Fuphed uf muhfuphed!!!!!11!”

“What is this obsession you seem to have with my socks?”

Cheddar mafia. You even THINK of stealing their cheese and they’ll make you smell their dairy air.

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