Self loathing

Doing What He Loved

Warning: some of the language used here is reflective of great feeling and passion therefore some may not like it. Therefore NSFW, kids, or whatever. “Well at least he died doing what he loved.” Bullshit. I’ve ridden my bike for a lot of years. Every year it seems like more and more drivers are distracted. […]

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Nervous chatter. ?Sugar and caffeine fueled questions. Gear discussions. ?”What pressure should I run?” ?”Where are we going?” WHIRRRRRRWHIRRRRRRWHIRRRRRWHIRRRRWHIRRR “LEFT” – “BRANCH!” “OK. ?We’ll start here. ?Take this section like this. ?Hop off here. ?Barriers there. ?We’ll start with 2 warmup laps then we’ll go race pace for 40 minutes. ?Questions? Riders ready….GO!” The pain

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My Superweek Wrap-up

I suck. Cat – 4/5 7/11 – Blue Island – 36/41 placing7/12 – Elgin – 38/63 placing7/14 – Arlington Heights – 31/37 placing7/15 – Bensenville – 28/32placing Cat – Masters 4/5 Didn’t finish a single race. Again…I suck. Granted the fields were much larger than what they show as placing but that is little solace.

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Superweek Sucks

Where’re you parked? Hold on I have a txt coming in… Where’s registration? Do I need my license again? Are you warming up on the trainer or riding around? Have you ridden the course? What’s it like? Are they running late? How late? Seriously…Yes I just asked that. Dude, what happened yesterday??! How’s Bob? Who

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ABD TT#3 Report

Another round of beating your head into a wall is over. I am happy to say I have made no gains over the last couple of months. That said I have found that have made no losses either. Meh…here’s the pics. That’s all any of you care about anyway… Showed up early enough to see

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That was a crappy race. I sucked so bad I had a job offer from Hoover waiting for me at the finish line. Cold. Umm….it was a mtn bike course not a cross course. They have this stuff up in Cheeselandia. They call it “hills.” They put some on the course. I have never been

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Anticipation is not so tasty. Here’s to hoping for another upright race. Rode 50 fairly easy miles on the trail on Friday. Did a morning 30ish (28 I think) with some of the guys yesterday….net result? I feel it in my legs. Things are tight. Weird stuff. Hopefully it’s tight like winding a rubber band

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