Park TS2.2p

The new version of Park’s beloved TS-2, the powder coated TS-2.2p, is like a giant bumbling Smurf that will continue to draw the regular shops of the world down the road of continuing to provide extremely poor wheel builds and horribly inaccurate truing for years to come. In case you can’t tell, I am not […]

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Helen Wyman

Two years ago I was afforded a unique opportunity that allowed me to dress as one of my favorite and all around amazing cyclocross racers for our Halloween cyclocross race here in Chicago.  The “costume” was complete with one of that pro’s actual skinsuits.  What made it more interesting was that racer was in fact

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Cyclocross Tips

Looks like I picked the wrong career to stop sniffing glue. For many of us the 2014-2015 cyclocross season has already been in full swing for weeks. The rest will be starting their fall campaign this weekend. One thing that never seems to change each year is the number of mad rush requests I get

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OSMO Nutrition

We were able to field a fully supported team recently for the Women’s Pro/1/2 Main stage race at Joe Martin.  As a part of this effort we invited a few guest riders and secured full nutritional support from OSMO Nutrition . Their tagline for their women’s nutrition – “Women are not small men” hits the nail on

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What I’m Riding

  On my bike right now is a wheel that is probably one of my earliest done under the PSIMET name . It’s an old formula front hub laced to a Kinlin XR300 rim with Sapim CX Ray Spokes. It’s even got one of my old flying P decals that I don’t think I even

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PSIMET Custom Wheels Offers Expanded Cyclocross Range

For Immediate Release:? PSIMET Custom Wheels Offers Expanded Cyclocross Range Revolutionary Design Features Unique, Cross-Specific Gluing Profile ?(Elgin, IL. July 10, 2013)? PSIMET Wheels has announced an expanded line-up of their revolutionary cyclocross wheels for the 2013 season.? The new product line includes: the PSI-Clocross Ultimate 38W – Limited Edition; The Premium Race 38W, and

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Meet Leah Sanda

Joan Hanscom has once again written a great piece on one of PSIMET’s favorite builders… PSIMET Custom Wheel-Builder, Engineer and BikeRacer A couple of weeks ago I sat down with Rob Curtis, owner of Chicago-based PSIMET custom wheels and chatted about Breaking Away, cx specific wheel builds and supporting women?s racing – among other things.

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