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PSIMET At Joe Martin - L to R Kelli Richter, Sarah Rice, Cathy Frampton, Sarah Szefi, Leah Kleager, Daphne Karaginis
PSIMET At Joe Martin – L to R Kelli Richter, Sarah Rice, Cathy Frampton, Sarah Szefi, Leah Kleager, Daphne Karaginis

We were able to field a fully supported team recently for the Women’s Pro/1/2 Main stage race at Joe Martin.  As a part of this effort we invited a few guest riders and secured full nutritional support from OSMO Nutrition . Their tagline for their women’s nutrition – “Women are not small men” hits the nail on the head and resonates with our efforts completely.

One of our guest riders – Sarah Rice – is a Biochemist/professor at Northwestern and had this to say about OSMO:

“As a biochemist, I understand nutritional products fairly well. That understanding and a very sensitive stomach have made me skeptical of the majority of products that are out there. In fact, I trained and raced exclusively on water before the Joe Martin Stage Race because I had not found a nutritional product that worked for me.

Osmo Nutrition sponsored the Psimet team for the Joe Martin Stage Race, giving me a chance to try their entire product line. I used pre-load before hard road races, the active hydration formula during races, and the acute recovery beverage after.

Osmo is different. First of all, my stomach handled the entire womens product line extremely well. I cannot say that for any other line of beverage product that I have ever tried. The flavors were pleasant and light. It is very easy to drink Osmo, whether you are dealing with pre-race nerves, the heat of the battle during the race, or exhaustion after.

I never struggled to remember to sip Osmo beverages, but of course I read the product labels. I was uniformly impressed. Osmo has done their homework. The first thing to notice is that Osmo products completely lack gimmicky artificial ingredients. The flavorings are natural and usually organic, and the sugars, salts, and proteins that are added are there for a very specific purpose.

Pre-load has a slightly salty taste, which is recognizable as sodium bicarbonate and potassium. These are the ingredients that really work in a pre-race beverage, but lot of beverage companies leave them out and instead make syrupy beverages that don’t do their job. Pre-load has a pineapple margarita flavor that is very drinkable, but still has the good stuff in it. Even though it was my first hot, hard road race of the year I did not cramp or bonk. Osmo active hydration has just the right amounts of salts for female athletes and a blend of sugars that are metabolized at different rates to maximize performance. The mango flavor is light, so it goes down very easy, even in the heat of a race. Osmo acute recovery has 15 grams of protein, electrolytes, and a little natural cinnamon, vanilla and molasses to make it taste good and go down easy.

I love the fact that Osmo has done the research to formulate a practical, easy-to-drink product line that works for women. I will use it and recommend it to others without hesitation.

Sarah Rice”


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