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“Hydration” bottle. Just as useful for racers who are racing as it is for racers who just got done. Tested by the PSIMET Racing team (the drinking team with a cycling problem) over years and delivering on the promise to disguise any beverage you may have gotten in a handup and not end up a mess a couple of days later leaving your water tasting faintly hoppy.

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One of the most important factors in cyclocross racing is hydration. We have worked years to find the perfect container for hydration for before, during and AFTER the races. Considering most of the venues for grassroots cyclocross tend to be municipal and “dry” by nature we often found the need to have bottles that could easily be converted for after race hydration but not be ruined by having some sort of hipster over-hopped crafty home-brew with “woody notes”. The Purist bottle from Specialized is our choice. The construction and technology on the coating are impervious to the worst our beard loving singlespeeders can dish out and not end up a science experiment in time for your Tuesday skills clinic the following week.

White to hide the fact your OSMO drink mix is slightly amber, and sporting the PSIMET logo. It tells everyone you know your hydration.

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Dimensions 25 × 10 × 10 cm
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