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Removable core valve extenders. The only design anyone should ever use. See the longer description below for more information why.

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This isn’t 1974 and the tubulars you’re gluing most likely aren’t going on tiny box section tubular rims so you’re going to need some valve extenders. There are a few different types out there on the marketplace. Then there is the right kind. The ones we have here. These are designed to allow you to remove the valve core from the tubular (with our included aluminum valve core removal tool – not that plastic piece of worthlessness that is included in many other valve extenders) and then thread into the tubular. The seal that is incorporated into the body of the extender eliminates any need to use any teflon tape.

Just remove the valve, put the extender in, replace the valve in the top of the extender – done. If you need to add sealant to the tires later in the season then simply remove the valve core again and you have a wide open tube into the inside of the tubular tire.

These are the right ones. They let you adjust pressure right at the line if you decide that’s what you need. You can see right away if they are iced up in poor weather. You can directly remove the cores to insert sealant. They make my life easier everyday when working on everyone else’s rigs. quite simply – just don’t bother with any other design.

They also have our flying P logo on there. Yay.

We find that the 30mm length works well with Challenge tubular tires on our 38W rim depth while the 40mm works great with Clement tubulars.

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