Nervous chatter. ?Sugar and caffeine fueled questions. Gear discussions. ?”What pressure should I run?” ?”Where are we going?”



“OK. ?We’ll start here. ?Take this section like this. ?Hop off here. ?Barriers there. ?We’ll start with 2 warmup laps then we’ll go race pace for 40 minutes. ?Questions?

Riders ready….GO!”

The pain is almost instantaneous. ?Suddenly you’re going faster than you ever thought possible over grass. ?The initial push starts to wear off as your heart starts to come up to speed. ?Pain as you blood vessels start?dilating?to cope with the back pressure. ?This is where normal – regular people stop. ?We just started.

“HAHA – Rob you suck!”

Can’t breathe. ?The terrain is blurring. ?God I hope I remember my lines. ?Hmmm…never been through that turn like that before. ?Here come the barriers. ?This is going to hurt.


I can get him. ?I swear I can get him. ?HAHA ?He stopped to remount there. ?Hup! ?Back on – get the pedals….NO….come on…..YES! GOGOGOGOGOGO.. ?Yes! ?Got him.

Lap 1 down….9 more to go.

Cyclocross season is here. ?I am a proud sponsor of the series this year as well. ?The opener is tomorrow. ?I have spent the last couple of weeks in the basement sniffing tubular glue. ?I am out of shape but not as bad as last year I don’t think. ?Unlike last year though I have no secret goals to do well. ?I am going to be driven to compete. ?Sad shape and all. ?I want to attack every race I can and go as hard as I can. ?My goal – along the same lines as J from Tati and Ben Popper – I am on my single point quest this year. ?I will earn 1 point in 4A’s.

It’s sad and pathetic but I think this year it’s going to be harder than it would have ever been before. ?I saw the fields increase get much more difficult last year and I think this year is on track to do the same.

I will ride the 30+ as well. ?Mainly as a chance to get some more time in early in the season. ?My goal there? ?Make it 1 lap before Wayne Simon passes me from the 50 plus group starting behind us. ?Again…this too will be a near impossible goal, but I will do it….maybe. ?:)

Those who have listened to my drivel about those who can succeed in this sport know that I believe there are two types of riders who excel: ?Type A and B. ?A= Aggressive, cocky, looking for a fight – turn the pedals in anger and B=Zen. ?I seem to do well when I can turn my pedals in anger.

Get your heckle on and come jeer me. ?Tell me I can’t do it. ?Tell me I am fat and slow. ?Tell me that I am an?embarrassment to my company, my team, and may family.

Just have a beer waiting for me when I get done.

Here’s to suffering. ?It’s on. ?See you tomorrow.

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