What the flu?

So…Mrs. P is sick and odds are she has some form of the flu. Had to happen. She’s a nurse and all that swine flu panic had her seeing a ton of patients daily. Now she has a fever and feels like “poop” – her words. Little P is in and out of a fever and I have had chest congestion starting to creep in while riding.

So…I hope everyone gets better soon. Being sick sucks.

This weekend is Monsters and Wheels on Willy (Madison). We have a solid 5’s crew going for Monsters. They are hungry. They know who to mark and what to do. They’re strong and a little crazy. You’d have to be in order to toe the line with 100 cat 5’s in 1 pack. Everyone is going to be so afraid of wrecks that they’ll all be pushing to get to the front….leading to wrecks….

Kind of glad I’m a 4 at this point.

Thanks to some great name dropping over at Bike Forums I have been SLAMMED with quotes for bike parts from my commercial site. I’ve got some great pricing on some niche stuff but I think some people are thinking I am going to like sell stuff below cost. I think everyone is just so used to getting great deals they have no appreciation for how good the deals really are sometimes. Some of the sales are coming through though. Good thing this is just a hobby for me.

Tueesday’s group ride out of Penny rd was crazy. It was just weird. We have always passed a lot of team and club riders while riding out there but this week everyone ended up along the same path at the same time going in the same direction. There ended up being about 20-40 riders at different times representing: Village Cyclesport, Verdigris, BBC, Wheel Werks, Spin Doctors, Our precious Bicycle Heaven, Project 5, Chronometro (I think), xXx, ABD, and even a Mack rider I believe. Our shop rides in Geneva/St Charles are pretty well known for drawing a crowd but this was on par. Slower but on par. It was like an underground crit were everyone just met up and decided that it was time to race.

It was fun.

Keep the rubber side down and keep hammering.

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