Vacation is over

So I am back at work. Moustache is gone. It was starting to come in nicely, but the wife didn’t see anything other than White Trash-ness to it. No humor …

Trying to piece together some upcoming plans:

  • Tonight – Possible wrenching in the shop – Voldemort
  • Tuesday – Group Ride
  • Wednesday – Possible wrenching in the shop – Voldemort
  • Thursday – Possible Commute
  • Friday – Possible 1/2 commute then leave for RAIN
  • Saturday – Ride RAIN and return to Chicago – and convert bike over to TT setup *pain*
  • Sunday – Possible Hampshire TT
  • Next Tues – Bensenville Races for Superweek
  • Next Wednesday – Bensenville Races for Superweek
  • Week off – wife working on the weekend so no rides
  • Another TT the following weekend – OR – my boss’s son’s wedding (also my wife’s cousin…long story)
  • Melon Metric/Chicago Criterium/Oswego Century the next day(?)
  • Elgin Crit the next saturday.

Feeling a little overwhelmed….and excited. I wish there was more time for an escape to Wisconsin mixed in there. Might have to take a 1/2 day and head up there sometime. Part of the wellness program….

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