Tour of Oakbrook Road Race

Well…I did pretty much what I expected. Really wasn’t planning on doing this race and coming out of a really bad virus at the same time. MJH2, myself, and another teamate (RR) just kind of went out to see what was up.

I got there first thing – 6:33 when registration was set to open at 6:45. Figured I signed up late and wanted to make sure I got a timing chip. You know you are in the rich part of town when they have you parking….PARKING…on the local polo fields. Srsly folks. We had some ferrari as a pace car. Also a Hummer as well.

Turns out I was first in line for registration. Also turns out it was a major cluster. They didn’t register me until about 7:30. I was in line at 6:40. By the time I was registered there were about 100-200 people in line waiting behind me. Oh….and I preregistered.

Needless to say they ran late. Major late. They pushed back races, cut laps off of them (no complaints here about that), ran people with the same numbers in the same fields, did 1/2 manual and 1/2 chip timing, had a course official whose motorcycle had broken down….but apart from that it was an awesome race.

By the time we got rolling it was 45 minutes PAST our original start time. I was starving before we even took one pedal stroke. We lined up early to get a front row start. We had decided to be in front for the first turn onto Spring Hill. It worked.

photo evidence: L to R – MJH2, RR, Me…in front. Kit looks good from here.

Colorchange is in the SD jersey behind MJH2’s shoulder

I was out front right off the line. MJH2 rode right next to me down York into the “headwind”. A couple of times I told him I was blowing up by doing it, but we both held it. We paced the group up the first climbs and our teammate (RR) came around on the top of the big one.

We blocked like a bunch of xXx’rs (local team known for development in the lower cats, great guys that play heavy team tactics in the lower ranks) but RR was looking for someone else to go with.

So we tried something, it worked, but none of us had the juice to make anything stick (which we pretty much knew going in). After that I just floated back. Started to fall off the back in the home straight on the second lap when RJBTrek (another BF’er on Village Cyclesport) yelled at me to grab a wheel and I did. Got me back into the pack – thanks!

Third lap I blew up on Spring. The hills popped me like an over-ripe cherry. I knew it was coming, but hoped I had an extra lap or two. Legs were fine, but the ticker was losing rythm. Looking at stats afterwards my avg HR was something like 180. My max was right when I popped at 193. Seriously folks. You can’t make this crap up.

Down the straight I worked up to Scummer and we just shot the crap to the line. We could have caught the pack, but I think both of us wanted our races to be over. It was hot and the long wait and delays before the race had me hurting food wise.

After that I just watched everyone else. MJH2 made it another 2 laps – same as our other teamate. Colorchange did well…like he was always able to. Came in off the back of the pack at the end – loose saddle/seatpost. That’s that cheap Cervelo crap for you.Turns out Alien 2 came in 2nd overall and depending on the age of the guy in front he may have won the 40+ group. He’s racing 3’s over at ABR so…..

Podium for Master 40+ 4/5 – Alien2 on right side in second place. I try to hold his wheel every Tuesday night and he punishes me severely just for trying. BTW – I would have to drop 30 lbs just to match his weight.

As always I am in crap shape, but at least I am in stellar shape compared to last year. I can only hope I can see this much of an improvement again over the next year. Looking forward to more racing.

Just dumped some SERIOUS money on a getaway weekend for the wife for her b-day. Mine is in December. If she understands the depths I went to then I feel a powertap coming on in December…….between that and some weight loss……….I could be dangerous in the spring.

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