The day in psimetville….

Group ride last night = good. Stayed on the whole way. Outclimbed a lot of people (even a few on Braeburn – wtf). Won final sprint – well accepted it when it was given over by the alien.

I was feeling good and can only chalk it up to finally being able to string 2-3 days of riding together – total shocker, but looking at my logs I haven’t ridden on 2 consecutive days in a LONG TIME before now.

Thursday is BH ride.

I am winning the battle of the scale. Consistantly says 175 now. Been seeing some 173 and 174’s. Still have my fat belly, but I am starting to think that will never go away. I felt the lighter weight on the bike too. Strength has been increasing so I feel like the loss has not been at the expense of muscle.

I had another meeting with the man to continue our discussion from last week. Didn’t see the point and know it’s just one of those “methods” for handling conflict situations that he most likely learned in a seminar. “Confront the issue head on and then give them a week for reflection then revisit the issue.” I’m good in negotiations because I know when I am being played. What sucks is knowing that I am being played, not wanting to stoop to the level of playing along, and knowing that if you don’t play along then no good can possibly come of that.

If de-motivation was a food, I would now be fat(er).

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