I have been postponing my Psimet Invitational ride report. Don’t know why. Just tired I guess. It seems like a monumental task. I know it doesn’t have to be, but just doesn’t seem right if I don’t do it up right.

So…it’s coming…

Right now just trying to enjoy the winding down of the road season. Last night’s group ride was fun. Colorchange attacked on a downhill before the big climbing sections. I followed mainly because any advantage I can get for climbing will help me stay even. The attack was on a long slight downhill so it didn’t cost me anything energy wise to go there. I usually spend my time on and off the brakes through there anyway.

I hit the first climb behind colorchange, but he slowed at the top kind of waiting for the group. I yelled I was on him and we went. We traded on the other climbs and really pushed it for a bit once we realized we were gone. Worked it a bit like a race. Felt like it. Was fun and a nice preview for this weekend.

We ended up passing alien2 who had come out later and was riding the course backwards to find us. We slowed up for a while to let him swing around and catch up. Then we started shooting the crap about the race he did this last weekend. It’s on the same course as my race on Saturday. We slowed enough that it was definitely the end of the break by the time we turned South off of the hilly leg.

I felt good. I am not in as good of form as I was a few weeks back. Little P has been sidelined with a massive fever/ear infection. Others around me have been really sick as well. I had a small fever for a little bit before the ride. I just hope I don’t go into full sick mode before during or after the races this weekend. A 4 stage race split over 2 consecutive weekends at the beginning of fall gives you tons of risk for getting sick.

In general I would be really happy with a top 10 overall for the series. That will most assuredly require a top 10 for the road race – which is double points. I don’t know if I can do it, but what can I do but try. The TT and the crits don’t bother me.

The TT is 10 miles. It will take at least a 25mph TT to take the top spot I am guessing. I don’t have that in me, but I have done some near 23 mph ones…I might be able to do a 24 mph one if the wind cooperates and if I can borrow some Zipps (last TT I did a borderline 23 in the pouring rain with regular box section wheels on. Sat up in every turn and slowed to a crawl to stay upright….and it was 24-ish miles long).

The crits are like 8 miles long unless they make a last minute change. It will take like 15-20 minutes. I can ride at killer speeds for that amount of time. MJH2 has already decided to try to make it fun, and I am with him…especially if I screw the road race the day before.

I won’t win anything (especially if I think this way). I might have a chance if it comes down to a sprint and I am in position, but the odds of that are pretty slim. I also think it there won’t be a ton of riders doing all 4 events so that may give me a slight advantage.

Like I said….I would be extremely happy with a top 10.

…then it’s on to learning how to cross race. This would be the equivalent of a runner trying to learn how to swin in order to do “try”-athlons. Knobbies and mud….ewww. So NOT me, but they are still mostly road bikes and the bikes look HAWT.

Besides…Carpentersville will have beer this year…..

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