Haven’t blogged a lot lately. Very busy. Business is going well. Selling a ton of wheels.

On top of that we are in the start of the peak of the Chicago road season. This weekend begins the annual tradition known as Superweek. I like to call it Stupidweaks. Mainly because if you race it you’re stupid. You will also end up weak, and the event is a series of races over close to 3 weeks.

If you are not familiar with it then consider youself lucky. I don’t remember the whole history but basically it they had a week of races in Wisconsin that drew a lot of people from all over. Over the years it has gotten bigger, more dangerous, and expanded into the flatlands of Illinois.

On tap I am racing 8 races in 5 days starting on Saturday. I will be stupid weak at the end. I will follow that up with maybe another weekend race and possibly another day the following week and then maybe soldiers field and then two races at the Chicago crit. Then you get into downers, grays lake, Oakbrook, etc.

It is burnout time at the end of this. It happens to me anyway at the end of July. I am already talking about cross season.

For those who haven’t heard there was a big wreck last Sunday in the 4’s and a lot of guys I am friends with were taken out. RJB, SP from Verdigris, our own SK who won the 5’s that morning and upgraded, and Lenski to name a few. By far the biggest loss was South Chicago Wheelmen’s own MK. You might remember him better as last cross season’s “Supergirl”.

MK broke his frame (Colnago ouch!) and his wrist. He says that among a list of other things his season is over. He has been racing very well and personally I will miss racing alongside of him in the short term. He says he may even miss a bit of the cross season.

I think all the talk of that is what made MJH2 and I start talking ideas a out next cross season. I have decided I think that I might be going in-costrumeo. Thinking cheerleading uniform. What are your ideas? I’ll take suggestions in the comments.

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