Off week

Once again I find myself in the redneck rivieria – Ft Morgan/Gulf Shores area of Alabama. A week of family at the beach. Basically that means little riding, lots of eating and lots of drinking.

Luckily this year it fell on a “rest week” – bwahahahahahaha! I have rideen once. It sucked. It is sooooooooo boring down here. I mean Chicago is flat but this is beyond that….and it’s hot….and boring…. yuck.

Anyway….the beach and the hanging out is a blast. Pics from the week:

Little P and his cousin – near aged partner in crime. These two are dangerous together. Smart and beefy. You turn around and they are cracking up as they tackle each other and play chicken. Mrs. P and her sister (Little P’s Aunt) in the background.

Learning from an elder cousin.

Bliss. I have identified this moment as one of the moments I truly love in my life. I finally caught it in a picture.

Gulf shrimp, beer, rice, avacado, awesomeness on the side.

We went fishing on a charter again. 6 hours in the gulf and all we really caught was the bait. MMMmmmmm….tasty.

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