My commercial website

OK…I’ve been working on it for a while. Thing is I have played around with getting into the business side of the cycling world for a while. My current state of employment has allowed me to play a bit.

The idea is that I want a site that will allow me to put my thoughts and opinions about cycling and cycling related gear. I intend on expanding it to include fit, products, racing info, etc.

Obviously this is a commercial endeavor though. I am set up to get paid when visitors click on the links provided and/or buy something I have directly linked to. I also have a section on there that has my own products. Basically if you want something cycling related then just let me know and I can quote it for you.

I have to quote is because I can not advertise pricing becase of the distribution agreements in place. You can e-mail me at psimet at for price quotes.

Hope you enjoy it. Yes it is not much to look at….but I hope I can build on it.

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