Lots of racing

Elgin crit is on Sunday. There’s a 2-man TT I’m doing with aham on the following Sunday. In between the two I have the following:

  • Train all operators and managers in a new Lean visual board system
  • Set up a Kaizen event for the following week
  • Travel to DC for SPC software training from Tuesday-Friday
  • Set up my road bike to a full TT setup…for the first time including new brakes, shifters, bars, etc.
  • Validate the setup will work
  • Be a father and husband on Saturday before the TT while my wife is at work (no ride on the TT setup)
  • Lace 2 wheels, tension, true, validate 4 of them.

Traveling the week before a race will suck. I hate business travel. It’s extremely painful mentally anymore and it is a assured way to gain weight and lose fitness. To top it off my flight back is at 5:30 out of DC Dulles to Chicago O’Hare on a Friday afternoon….. = No frigging chance of being even remotely on-time.

I’m starting to wonder when I am going to get any of this stuff done. I was trying to commute, but even that has become hard to do with timing.

Perfect storm – family, work, riding. I am virtually a ghost on BF and basically have resorted to using this blog as my main outlet for now basically because I don’t feel the need to check for updates every 5 minutes.

If I have time later today I’ll update with a picture of some new toys for the TT, impressions of the Elgin Crit course, and thoughts about the fact that Sunday looks to be the hottest day of the year. Boo.

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