Hawt. Like Carbon Hawt.

Please welcome to the Psimet lineup…his new line of 50mm carbon clinchers. Here they are displayed lovingly (albeit with temporary and incomplete decals) on his Salsa. Speaking of the Salsa Mr. Psimet here was not aware that many of you did not know about it’s existance….well here you go.

I am riding these tomorrow night and then I will put them under as many bikes as I can for the State Road Race Championships on Saturday.

The set pictured here are laced up to some White Industries H2 hubs using DT revs in a 1X in the front and DT comps in 2X in the rear. Both of the wheels are stiff. Like mega stiff. Weight wise I can’t remember where they come in. They are full carbon clincher so they ain’t light but they’re something like 930g for the rear and 700ish for the front….which would make it 1630ish. Still a light wheelset I guess.

It’s hawt. Oh…and you can buy your own versions custom made for you. Go to and/ or mail me (psimet at psimet dot com) for a quote.

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