Dirty, dirty

As we set up the course on Saturday my main thought was, “man….I hope some of this at least drains out between today and tomorrow.” It didn’t. The fact that it rained like oh….97% of the days in October, enough to make the fragile cheese-heads cancel a couple of races – due to environmental concerns…, added up to make what I hope will be remembered as an epic cyclocross race.

Jim Nowak from ABD was running some of my demo wheels in the 40+ race so I was there early enough to get him set up for the race. I personally was racing the 30+ again. I had also planned on racing the 4B’s later. More on that in a bit. So we’re ready for the start of our race and last minute I see Beverly Bob roll up wearing a Sponge Bob costrume. I thought to myself, “oh that’s it. I’ve got to beat his ass now.”

I was not looking forward to the mud and water. It was cold. I was sporting a horrible case of “I don’t want to race”. Heart wasn’t into it. Then we started. I let the throngs of “real” racers….err….let me rephrase that….racers who cared about this race, through. We hit the woods and I knew it was going to be a good (fun) day. I had that split second feeling that we were somewhere in Northern Europe in some ancient forest riding over crappy roads in some early spring race….until I had to get off the bike and hop a barrier.

After a lap or so I had good distance/gap on JAnd and Beverly Sponge Bob. I figured I was home free. Just keep grinding it out and all will be fine. Somewhere along the way JAnd and I start swapping spots. At times I was like – “that’s it. I’m done. Just ride it out.” and then I would look up a half lap later and I’d be passing him back. The The Sponge passed me. For the rest of the race I kept hearing, “You’re losing to Sponge Bob”. Made worse by the fact that I know that couldn’t have been an easy costrume to race in.

In the end I lost to Bob. I came in front of JAnd.? I had some fun.? But I was done.? The course was great but it was too much after 45 minutes to think I was going to race again that day.? Warm clothes and the rim-gong had me wanting to go back to the car and swap into fan/heckle mode.

So I did.? Pictures are on the camera at home so I will update that later but in general we had a blast.? Heckling, hand-ups, making noise, cheering on the people I know – it was awesome.? I got some of my cross mojo back.? I have figure out what’s draining it too.?

FWIW – prices dropped on the tubular wheels.? I don’t know what I was thinking when I first did pricing but it was too high.? It is down $100 on almost all options.? Yes you can use them on the road too.

Bear with me while I get used to this new blogging format.? My main desire is to keep the posts going.? I’ll figure out the look and feel later.

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