I’m coming down from a wedding induced coma of sugar and alcohol. Driving long distances, family, and celebrations although tons of fun don’t make for a healthy self.

Got back in town and found the time to hook up a ride. Hot and heavy. I had raised the saddle a bit and again…I make more power there, but I pay a “price”….physically….

I hammered out about 10 miles then turned around. Ran across CyLowe almost right at the turn around point. We talked for a bit and then he decided to ride the return leg back with me before continuing on his ride.

He’s been in a leg burning mood lately so it was nice to make some good time back. For only being out an hour I got some good time in. Still slow, and a tad bit apprehensive about Elgin Crit this week.

Sent e-mails to the organizers so it looks like I will be in the Cat 5 race even though my ABR license says 4. Hopefully the day will be a safe one.

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