Cluck, cluck….

No, that’s not a typo rather it is the sound I was making all day yesterday. You see…I turned into a chicken. I woke up, did some quick math and decided that I was not going to do the Hawthorn Woods Cyclocross race.

Turns out I just can’t get the whole remount thing dialed in. I went to a park to try for about 30 minutes and left feeling slightly better about it.

I went on a hard ride with colorchange to help rid myself of the weird desire to race. Then the family all went up to the race to watch the 4b group. Hmmmm….I should have raced. looked like a field of 40-50 riders of which about 10-15 were “riders”…by that I mean 130lb 20-somethings who look like they have had a cross bike over their should since they were 2.

The rest were regular overweight Cat “5” newbs. My people. The race included a great sled hill that they had to run up twice on each lap. It was right after the start so everyone got pretty gapped out pretty quick on the first lap.

Met a new teammate who was in this one. He came down the hill and got pushed out of the course – going through the tape. He called it a day at that point.

Mud, spills, no blood that I could see. All-in-all a good race. Supergirl showed up….

Crossers are weird people. I should be in for Carpentersville next weekend. I am going to Vegas today for the week on business so no training. I can only hope that running will keep some sort of form until then.
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