Did a TT today. A short 8 miler. Same basic route as the fall fling TT (the one I placed 5th in last season). Well…I have cat’d up since then. Last fall I averaged something like 22mph. Today I averaged 24mph. I hauled ass. I felt good and I looked good. They were doing 30 […]

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TT Bay-beee

I’m down in Indy town this weekend visiting my folks for Easter. Little P is singelhandedly proving to everyone in the world that there is some good still left in the world. He’s so cute his smile could melt the polar ice caps. The government is aware of this and is monitoring his happiness closely.

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There were a few riders out on the course tonight. A local came over and asked me what was up. I tired to downplay the severity of the swarm of lycra clad warriors there was going to be in his back yard in 2 days, but he still gave me a bit of stink eye.

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Guess what?

Swap from Road to TT setup…1.5 hours. Full size crank, corn cob DA (it was given to me…I wouldn’t waste money on that kind of loss of durability) cassette. Cages are gone. So are my excuses.Results from last year. I must crack 23. Pre-ride is tonight. …I’m Batman.

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Fall Fling TT Route

I mapped out what I believe to be the course based on what ABD had listed on their website. for some reason whenever I try to embed MapMyRide routes into my blog now it bombs out so you’ll have to follow the link. Basic stats: 9.25 miles with approx 210ft of climbing (I don’t like

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