My Superweek Wrap-up

I suck. Cat – 4/5 7/11 – Blue Island – 36/41 placing7/12 – Elgin – 38/63 placing7/14 – Arlington Heights – 31/37 placing7/15 – Bensenville – 28/32placing Cat – Masters 4/5 Didn’t finish a single race. Again…I suck. Granted the fields were much larger than what they show as placing but that is little solace. …

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Superweek Sucks

Where’re you parked? Hold on I have a txt coming in… Where’s registration? Do I need my license again? Are you warming up on the trainer or riding around? Have you ridden the course? What’s it like? Are they running late? How late? Seriously…Yes I just asked that. Dude, what happened yesterday??! How’s Bob? Who …

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Haven’t blogged a lot lately. Very busy. Business is going well. Selling a ton of wheels. On top of that we are in the start of the peak of the Chicago road season. This weekend begins the annual tradition known as Superweek. I like to call it Stupidweaks. Mainly because if you race it you’re …

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Stupid Week

So I forgot my license on the way to the races today in Bensenville. So I went back from Bensenville to Elgin and got it. Then when I finally got to the race I went to go register and realized that I had 2 different shoes. Yes one was right and one was left, but …

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Superweek Registration

nothing like registering for Superweek before they even have their rider bible published. I signed up for 4 events next week. The Bensenville races on the 15th and 16th. Both days I am attempting Cat 4/5 and Masters 4/5. 4 races in 2 days and I will be 1/2 way to my “modern” cat up….not …

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