A weekend of failure

Where do I start?? This last weekend was a weekend from hell as far as racing goes. Just 1 week ago we were shivering through mid 50?s temperatures with bone soaking rain. A mere 7 days later it?s as if the gravitational pull from my poor performance brought the sun closer ensuring a miserable weekend

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5 to 4

I made my request to upgrade from a Cat 5 road racer to 4. Even though I suck it was still time. 5’s are meant to allow you to get the lay of the land – to learn what is involved in racing and how to race safely with others…not as a development category. I

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I scored some hardware at today’s epic TT. I didn’t ride as well as I could have, but I did a good job I believe. I came in 3rd out of 4 in the 30+ category. 1:04:48 seconds for 23.75 miles – about 22mph average. I say epic because it was a downpour for the

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