Indoor TT


Did a TT today. A short 8 miler. Same basic route as the fall fling TT (the one I placed 5th in last season). Well…I have cat’d up since then. Last fall I averaged something like 22mph. Today I averaged 24mph. I hauled ass. I felt good and I looked good. They were doing 30 […]

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ABD TT#3 Report

Another round of beating your head into a wall is over. I am happy to say I have made no gains over the last couple of months. That said I have found that have made no losses either. Meh…here’s the pics. That’s all any of you care about anyway… Showed up early enough to see

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Today is ABD TT#3. I am something like 12th overall with 32:42 or something. Today is another “flat” course. They basically weigh you, put in a drag coefficient and let you beat your head against a wall for 10K or about 16-ish minutes. I pulled 16:03 the last time I did a flat one. I

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Jan Totals

Spurred on by aham’s blog I decided to catch up on my log book. Ran some numbers for Jan. Not overly impressive, but they are what they are: Riding (mostly trainer) : 20h23mStrength (core and weights) : 5h50mRunning (le suck) : 2h

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Everyone has been asking me how the TT went yesterday. Funny thing is I don’t really know. I didn’t have a clear goal going into it and therefore even after having seen my results I don’t know if that was good or bad. In general I guess I have maintained my fitness. I finished mid

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Not slow

This is a slow time of year for everyone no doubt. I apologize (to any of you still reading this) for slow turnaround on posts, but let’s face it – we’re living through one of the worst winters I can remember during what coule be described as “interesting” economic times. The job is changing –

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I did the ABD TT on Sunday. Highlights…the guy from the race before who was on the station I was assigned to was amazing. He was 80 yrs old and hooked up on the Computrainer giving it a go. He never once wavered – even though he needed help off the bike in the end.

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VQ TT #3

Did another indoor TT last Sunday. I was with MJH2, little P, one of MJH2’s friends, and another teammate DonI. The plan was to have those guys race the early race while I watched little P and cheered them on. Cow bell and all. Then we would switch and I would race while they watched

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