Elgin Crit

2008 Elgin Crit

OK. I did better than I thought I would. The 5’s first thing in the morning were actually nice. Stuck with the pack most of the way. Fell off a bit about 3/4 of the way through, but was still only a little way back. Finished strong and “placed” 20th in a final sprint with […]

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I’m starting to get antsy about the Elgin crit. I’m not getting much riding in. Ok none. The forecast is for a killer heatwave combined with occassional summer thunderstorms. This combined with the fact that the course is a bit technical (I think – haven’t ridden it, just driven it) and the fact that the

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Lots of racing

Elgin crit is on Sunday. There’s a 2-man TT I’m doing with aham on the following Sunday. In between the two I have the following: Train all operators and managers in a new Lean visual board system Set up a Kaizen event for the following week Travel to DC for SPC software training from Tuesday-Friday

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I’m coming down from a wedding induced coma of sugar and alcohol. Driving long distances, family, and celebrations although tons of fun don’t make for a healthy self. Got back in town and found the time to hook up a ride. Hot and heavy. I had raised the saddle a bit and again…I make more

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Almost out

I am almost out of the South. Time to rant again. People in the South drive slow, work slow, and seemingly think slowly as well. We made it to Somewhere, KY. Part of me wishes I was back in Chicago and racing this weekend or at least riding in Wisconsin. With all of the riding

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