Bartlett Pictures

Found a good photoset from the race… Lots of good ones of me. Can’t miss me. Flying remount on one. Not exactly smooth, but it is what it is. Here’s a sample – click on the link to see and purchase….;)

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Bartlett Cross Race

So…I came back for more. I think I pissed someone off by doing it. How else can anyone explain the “act of god” level of weather we had? I got there in the morning and MJH2 offered to watch little P (Mrs. P was working all weekend) while I took a practice lap. It was

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Cluck, cluck….

No, that’s not a typo rather it is the sound I was making all day yesterday. You see…I turned into a chicken. I woke up, did some quick math and decided that I was not going to do the Hawthorn Woods Cyclocross race. Turns out I just can’t get the whole remount thing dialed in.

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Kind of hit a funk that came out of nowhere. Weird. The racing last weekend was such a high and for some reason I have not really gotten excited about cyclocross yet. I will be attempting a cyclocross clinic tomorrow morning. If all goes well I will try my first race the next day…. Hawthorne

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Psimet invitational time people. I am looking for boobie prize ideas….clean ones at least. Converted my rig back to a road setup from the TT setup for the gourp ride last night. This time it included swapping cranks and chain as well. I am down to 1 hr for the swap. I told you…I’m Batman.

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Group Ride

Last night’s group ride was sweet. CyLowe got a case of the weirds from it though. I was feeling quite good and was able to pretty easily hold on to the pack for 95% of the ride. I gave up my usual ground on some of the hills, but I did actually finish the first

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