Blues be gone

Every year/season I get “burnout” or mental fatigue with riding. It’s normal and everyone gets it. Sort of seems like everyone has it now. Luckily I can have 1 or 2 weeks of this and then find myself head over heels back in love with cross… …well it starts with a shop cross ride tonight

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Haven’t blogged a lot lately. Very busy. Business is going well. Selling a ton of wheels. On top of that we are in the start of the peak of the Chicago road season. This weekend begins the annual tradition known as Superweek. I like to call it Stupidweaks. Mainly because if you race it you’re

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Sorry about the lack of updates. I’m in a funk. Mix of end of season blues, winter. Ah, f’ it. My form of therapy for this is to go ride my ass off. I am usually so flooded with endorphins afterwards that you could shoot me in the foot and I’d be like, “Oooo…look at

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I must be stupid

Hi. It’s in the single digits out there today. Lots of snow. I’m just about on my way to go race my bicycle. I just spend about an hour digging for all those deep winter clothing items. Balaclava….last piece of the equation. So…when you’re sitting there watching the Bears play today just think that just

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Still no time to post race reports. I have some good ones though. Lots of people shot video. Beverly Bob sent me some via Ara that show MJH2 and myself running the pit. I was checking out Chicago Bike Racing and they linked to Cross Messed up….weird place. Awesome idea. I especially like the

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