Chicago Cyclocross Cup


Nervous chatter. ?Sugar and caffeine fueled questions. Gear discussions. ?”What pressure should I run?” ?”Where are we going?” WHIRRRRRRWHIRRRRRRWHIRRRRRWHIRRRRWHIRRR “LEFT” – “BRANCH!” “OK. ?We’ll start here. ?Take this section like this. ?Hop off here. ?Barriers there. ?We’ll start with 2 warmup laps then we’ll go race pace for 40 minutes. ?Questions? Riders ready….GO!” The pain

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Dirty, dirty

As we set up the course on Saturday my main thought was, “man….I hope some of this at least drains out between today and tomorrow.” It didn’t. The fact that it rained like oh….97% of the days in October, enough to make the fragile cheese-heads cancel a couple of races – due to environmental concerns…,

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