ABD TT#3 Report

Another round of beating your head into a wall is over. I am happy to say I have made no gains over the last couple of months. That said I have found that have made no losses either. Meh…here’s the pics. That’s all any of you care about anyway…

ABDTT#2 - 03
Showed up early enough to see JAnd do his run.

ABDTT#2 - 01
Cheering section – L to R – JF, Little P, Mrs. P

ABDTT#2 - 02
GO JAND GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ABDTT#2 - 04
Time for us to go. Clipping in for torture….

ABDTT#2 - 12
“Hi…I’m f’n nuts!”

ABDTT#2 - 06
Reset the computer….and…….3…..2……1…..GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I burried my head for the first 5 minutes. I didn’t look at the screen because I knew I would go too hard if I saw I was behind in order to catch up….or if I was ahead in order to maintain position. So I didn’t look.

ABDTT#2 - 07
I was rocking out to a mix of punk and metal. Total “kill everyone” kind of stuff.

I hit my normal wall about 4-5 mintes in, but pushed through. I looked up to see I was behind…by a lot. JF was in front of me. Honestly he’s got the chops even though he’s new so I really didn’t let that bother me too much, but I was at least gpong to try to pull him back.

Up until now I had been running about 270W. I shifted and started bringing around 300W in the second 5 minutes.
ABDTT#2 - 08

With a During the last set of 5 minutes I started to crack. I made myself take it easy for 1.5 minutes. Rode easier than I could just in hopes of recovering to finish strong. It kind of worked, but not really. I tried with about 2.5-3 minutes left to stand and go at it. I was within “50 or 60 feet” of JF when I did. When I stood…so did he. That just told me he wasn’t going to just hand anything over.

At first I felt bad because I figured he thought I was standing to sprint to the end, but it was way too early for that. I was just hoping to get a quick jump to turn over the distance between us. Turns out when I stood I didn’t upshift so my power dropped. Ooops. I sat back down to compensate, but by then JF had taken the opportunity to lay down some power.

I tried to stand and sprint at the end, but I didn’t have much. Not the usual punch I have. When done…I felt like puking. So…I did it right. I definitely left some out there though. Just couldn’t tap into the deep well if that makes sense.

ABDTT#2 - 09
Shoot me.

ABDTT#2 - 11
Seriously…shoot me.

ABDTT#2 - 10
JF took the win in style. The guy is a naturl athlete that will accel at this cycling thing with no problem. I keep telling him the only thing that will limit how far he goes is how much time he wants to spend on it. He won’t be a 5 long and will be a 4 even shorter.

This time he won the CM 19-29. He also got to pick up his medal from the previous TT
ABDTT#2 - 13

To top it off I still owe him a beer to make up for the last $5 from registration I owe him. Will it never end?

So…I ended up 13th out of 28 who took the start out of Cat 4. Furthest up in the field so far, but 2 seconds slower than my last one on the “Flat” course. I did beat Rob Jungels…by like 7 seconds…which just means there is a story there. I’m guessing he had something go wrong or he was doing it as a recovery in street shoes and blue jeans.

Tuesday night at the shop we’re doing the mother of all indoor trainer sessions. We’re down to 1×45′ at threshold. Those sessions have made it easier to race already. They have convinced me that I can ride at an intense effort for much longer than I thought I could.

Congrats to JAnd, JF and everyone else who went out there (MRIDan). Nothing like paying $25 so you can sit in one place and turn yourself inside out for 16 minutes.

Almost time to shave the legs. Mrs. P is thrilled.

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