2008 Elgin Crit

OK. I did better than I thought I would. The 5’s first thing in the morning were actually nice. Stuck with the pack most of the way. Fell off a bit about 3/4 of the way through, but was still only a little way back. Finished strong and “placed” 20th in a final sprint with nvr.

I say “placed” only because it seemed that some of the lapped traffic ended up being counted on the same lap as us. Oh well. It was fun and the race was a lot slower than I had expected.

I was signed up to do another race – Open Cat Masters 30-39 yr olds. This mean that my Cat 5 butt was racing with Cat 1/2/3/4’s. Needless to say this one was a bit faster and twice as long to boot.

We held for a few laps then someone’s bad braking in the corner created a gap. Boo. Then the pain really began as we struggled together off the back. The best part is that it makes for good pictures.

We ended up getting lapped. 40 minutes of pain. Still placed 14th. At least 2 DNF’s, but I believe I was dead last (DFL) among those that finished.

Enjoy the pics.

Little P man slept through the whole second race, but kept saying “that’s daddy” when I was uploading the pictures….so at least he knows what I look like.

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