OK so I didn’t wrap everything up. I have been uber busy the last couple of weeks. Building a TON of custom wheels. I am importing some hubs from Taiwan and will be importing some carbon 50mm rims too. Both full carbon clinchers as well as tubulars. Full custom hub, spoke and lacing options for you as well. Pricing will be pretty nice as well.

ANYWAY…instead of going back to cover everything I missed let me just say Joel has done well lately. 2nd at monsters, 4th at wheels on willy, won all 3 races at Matteson, and took second at Wonder Lake. He finally was upgraded as well.

Bryan won in the 5’s at the Masters Weekend races. We also took 1st in the 40+. Wonder Lake was a boatload of ‘meh’ for me. I did something like 16th in the cat 4 race and then I flatted in the 4/5 race. Got back in with Joel’s wheel but it was a 9 speed. Shifting was OK for most of the gears except the last couple meaning I couldn’t sprint. I got 26th of something like that.

I only rode on Tuesday this week. I rode pretty easy too. I have been putting weight back on – rather fat back on. I am the same weight but not working out in the gym and not running has left my form pretty weak. I decided I have been racing pretty solid though and that I should be able to do something today as long as I made myself be aggressive.

So…I got to Winfield late. Got registered and dressed and on the trainer for about 15-20 minutes of warmup. Most I think I have ever done. Wilke set me up with a video camera on my bike to record the race. I didn’t pre-ride the course. Always a mistake, but I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal this time.

I got to watch Tim win the 5’s race. That’s another podium for Bicycle Heaven. it’s getting crazy. I am the weak link now for sure. We actually had 5 guys in the 4’s race. It was a shock. I was finally not racing alone.

Right off the start I got a jump. Again. Never mean to but just end up in front. I held back enough to end up on RR’s wheel. Next thing I know we were on a “hill”. I heard there was one on the course. RR nailed it. I followed. That hill was long. A lot longer than I thought it was. I opened my bank account and drained it on that first lap without even realizing it.

The downhill was awesome fast. My kind of fast. Corners at 27-30mph. Hells yes.

RR and I were done on the second lap – on the hill. From there we were dropped and just riding around. Everyone was serious fast right off the bat. It took me about 1/2 of the race before I started to get into a groove. At that point I started picking people up.

Wanna know what it felt like? Check this out:

Picture from J-Dub at peloton-pix

That one is going on the mantle.

Sad race for me. I got lapped. That hasn’t happend since last year. Don’t know what the deal was. Everyone exploded though. It was like everyone went the speed of a normal Chicago style crit but they put some sort of Wisconsin hill in there and we were too stupid to slow down on it like the cheeseheads do.

They placed me 26th or something – getting me confused in the finish I think. meh. Tomorrow is more of the same. Different course. My body does better after a beating. I think I have more in me. We’ll see.

After the race the family took in a Cougars game. My father-in-law’s business has been doing well and he got a luxury box to share with the whole family and company. Little P enjoyed the show.

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